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Be Prepared For Storms and Lightning

Be Prepared For Storms and Lightning

Summer brings bright sun and hot days perfect for hitting the backyard pool – but can also bring dangerous storms with plenty of lightning and thunder. Stay safe while swimming by knowing when to leave the water. Lightning can be random and unpredictable. Preparedness and a quick response are the best defense against hazardous lightning conditions.
Pools are connected underground to water pipes, gas lines, electric and telephone wiring, and more. Lightning strikes anywhere on this metallic network, even several miles away, may induce shock in the pool in which you’re swimming.

We recommend the following swimming pool safety procedures:

• Use a weather radio, the Weather Channel, mobile weather app, or other TV program to obtain good localized, advanced weather information.
• The pool and pool area should be vacated if lightning is within approximately six miles. When lightning is first noticed, measure the time from seeing lightning to hearing its associated thunder. Every five seconds is equal to about one mile. If the count is thirty or less, the pool should be evacuated. Please seek safe shelter immediately.
• Pool activities should remain suspended until thirty minutes after the last thunder is heard.

Leisure Times urges you to not take chances with lightning and pool safety. Stay alert and stay safe! For more information, visit