Opening Your Pool

The warm Summer sun is here to stay! Get that pool open and ready for family fun.

Here are some tips from Leisure Times to help your pool opening go quickly and smoothly.
  1. Remove water and debris from pool cover. You can use a cover pump and soft broom or skimmer net.
  2. Remove and clean the pool cover.  Make sure you allow your cover to dry before storing it over the summer.
  3. Skim any debris off the surface of the pool with telescopic pole and skimmer net.  Don’t forget to remove any leaves or debris from the bottom of the pool.
  4. Remove all plugs and Gizzmo or ice compensator from the pool.  Install eyeballs and skimmer baskets.
  5. Re-install ladders, handrails, dive boards, and slides to the pool.  Re-install all plugs to the pump, filter, heater, and pool equipment.
  6. Add water to the appropriate level.  This is typically 50-75% level of the skimmer.
  7. Turn on pump and circulate water in the filter position for 12-24 hours.
  8. Finally, bring a water sample into Leisure Times.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you balance the water and keep it clean and sanitized!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerned about your pool opening or any other issue. We’re always happy to help keep your pool days hassle-free!