National Water Safety Month

May is National Water Safety Month.

The weather is warming up – Is your family ready to get outside and soak up some sun? Now is the time to get into good habits for water safety. For infants and children under the age of five, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. These deaths are preventable with some simples steps you can take to keep everyone safe this summer around your pool, spa, or natural bodies of water.

Here are some basic Safety Tips to follow:
  1. Always watch your children around water. Never leave a child alone or out of eyesight in or near a pool, spa, or hot tub.
  2. Access to the pool, spa, or hot tub should be limited by locked doors and/or gates whenever swimming cannot be supervised. You should also comply with local and state government requirements concerning fencing around your pool, spa, or hot tub.
  3. Check the pool or spa to be sure no suction outlet fitting is missing, broken, or loose.
  4. Be aware of where suction fittings (drains) are located and do not play or swim near them. Your body, swimsuit, or hair could become trapped causing permanent injury or drowning.
  5. Keep toys, particularly tricycles or wheeled toys, away from the pool, spa, or hot tub. A child playing on these could accidentally fall into the water.
  6. Only practice safe swimming behaviors. Don’t engage in extended breath-holding activities underwater. You could black out and drown.
  7. Always use a water-watcher. No one should swim alone.

Remember – THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR RESPONSIBLE ADULT SUPERVISION! In addition to several pamphlets and brochures for you take home, the friendly and knowledgable staff at Leisure Times can review all of the safety features and best practices for your new pool, spa, or hot tub to keep you and your family safe and happy for years to come.