#7671 ​Glazed Baking Stone​ – 2022 GENESIS


WEBER CRAFTED ​Glazed Baking Stone​ – 2022 GENESIS
** purchase of WEBER CRAFTED Frame Kit Required**

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Bring your kitchen outside, and create food never thought possible in your grill, with the WEBER CRAFTED Outdoor Kitchen Collection. Simply replace your right-side cooking grate with the WEBER CRAFTED Glazed Baking Stone and make brick-oven-quality pizzas, artisan breads, and even desserts in your grill. WEBER CRAFTED compatible grill, frame, and cooking grates required for use.

• Fits Genesis 2016+, Spirit 2016+, and SmokeFire
• With purchase of WEBER CRAFTED Frame Kit – GENESIS (#7677) or WEBER CRAFTED Frame Kit – SPIRIT and SMOKEFIRE EX4 (#7678), and your specific grill series matching cooking grates (#7852 or, #7853 or, #7854 or, #7856 or, #7860), Genesis 2016+ models, Spirit 2016+ models, & SmokeFire EX4 models would allow your grill to become compatible with all WEBER CRAFTED grillware.
• Designed to create perfectly crispy pizza crust
• WEBER CRAFTED frame and grates required
• Glazed finish helps keep food from sticking and cleanup easy
• Stone designed to efficiently absorb, retain, and distribute heat


**Confirm that your grill is compatible with WEBER CRAFTED grillware