2oz Sodium Bromide


Ensure that the sanitization of your spa is completely bromine-based by establishing a bromide bank using our sodium bromide for hot tub and spas. It also eliminates chlorine odors for a more relaxing spa experience.

  • Start up your new spa as a bromine system with sodium bromide for hot tub and spas
  • Create an effective bromine reserve
  • Keeps spa water clean and free from chlorine odor for a more relaxing experience
  • Ensure a completely bromine-based spa
  • Our sodium bromide for hot tub cleaning is compatible with all bromine sanitization systems
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  1. Add 1/2 of of Sodium Bromide per 100 gallons of water to establish a 30 ppm bromide reserve.
  2. Add Brom Tabs to establish a proper bromine level.